How to Wash Running Shoes by Hand? Easy Steps

How to wash running shoes by hand? Washing sports footwear takes the same process we use for cleaning other models of shoes. They are generally more resistant to others but this doesn’t mean they can be submerged in water without getting ruined or they can be washed in the washing machine as if they were a pair of pants of those for home use.

Whenever you wash running shoes, do it by hand because this is the best method that will prevent them from getting damaged or losing shape unexpectedly. Most of the times, we wonder why our athletics shoes didn’t stand as they claimed to, and the answer is in the poor maintenance we give them.

You need a variety of materials for cleaning athletics footwear. Some of the following materials are optional and can be replaced depending on the shoes. It is important to add that no matter how dirty they are, they should never be flung into a washing machine.

How to wash Running Shoes by Hand?

how to wash running shoes

The utmost you can do is to meticulously wash the outsoles under running water but for a very short period of time. This method is suitable when there’s too much mud to remove.

Do not wash the insides of the running shoes under running water. It takes them longer to dry and the interiors can get rotten. However, you can use wash the outsoles and the uppers of them with running water and soap to make mud removal easier.

Don’t use bleach to rinse the shoes. Bleach is made up of components that are too strong and can damage the surface of the shoes.  Further, it would not work as efficiently as you think.  Instead of bleach, wash them by hand using gentle clothing-safe supplies.

When cleaning the shoes, use soap, a sponge, a scrub, and a bucketful of water.  The shoelaces must be untangled and can be washed with water. There’s no problem in washing the shoelaces with running water.

Take the insoles out too and wash them by hand with soap. This time, use a toothbrush or a scrub to remove all dirt from them. Bear in mind that insoles are made of foam and can get damaged if they are soaked in.

To wash the running shoes by hand, it is recommended to use materials made for cleaning leather or suede because they don’t discolor shoes. Combine these supplies with others that treat your shoes gently.

All the gritty parts of the shoes must be cleaned with water, soap and a toothbrush.

The drying process is where running shoes take the most risk. This is because most wearers let them dry directly in the sun without knowing this ruins them. Others use a hairdryer to speed up the process but cause them to lose shape. To dry the shoes, take into account of this:

  • If they were too dirty and you use too much soap and water to clean them, they are possibly totally dried within 3 days.
  • The drying process also depends on the clean-up method of preference.
  • Use the correct materials based on the debris that got the shoes dirty.
  • Be patient. Just put them in an airy environment and wait.
  • Some athletic shoes take longer to dry because of the material they are made of.

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