How to Dry Running Shoes? Best Fastest Ways to Wet

Before going into how to dry running shoes, it is important to clarify that shoes should never be sunk in water otherwise they will take damage. If you submerge them in a bucket of water, their material can absorb too much water leading them to loosen up. In the end, they will lose fit and will not look great. On top of that, they are likelier to get a foul smell if they are not dried correctly.

When you clean or wash your running shoes, you make use of tools that can cause damage after long exposure. You use soap and mild detergent, which are elements that tend to cause too much moisture in a short period of time. Moisture discolors the shoes and unglues some parts.

How to Dry Running Shoes?

How to Wet Running Shoes

Surely, there are tools you can leverage to provide a proper cleaning. In fact, there are many options to choose from. Let’s see some of them.

  • A piece of soft cloth: use any piece of cloth that is not humid or dirty. You can use a piece of cotton cloth. It is advisable to harness soft materials to prevent the running shoes from getting scruffy. Yes, they are liable to get scruffy too.
  • Paper towel: paper towels are used to make a trick to dry shoes. While it is not recommended to let them dry under the sun, a paper towel does a better job.
  • Newspaper: this is not as recommended as the others above but still works.
  • Rice: have you ever heard that rice is great absorbing wetness? Well, this is just the case.
  • The window: many people don’t use any other of the alternatives above apart from leaving the running shoes in the window. But never put them under the sun directly.
  • Use a fan: you can guess how this may work. A fan can be used for drying shoes during the night. It won’t cause damage because the wind it blows is neither too hot nor cool, so it sounds like the best option.


  • If you use rice, stuff the shoes with some rice packed in a small bag. Do not use it clumsily or you’ll need to clean the rice too.
  • Always use a dry piece of cloth before putting them in the window but never put them under the sun. Air helps them dry faster.
  • A dry on cool can work. Don’t use it for too much time, though. After that, let the running shoes dry in an unmoistened place.
  • A newspaper: what people do is stuff their shoes in the hopes the newspaper absorbs water. This works but some scraps can remain after removing the paper.

A fan: consider the fan as the best option.

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