How to Clean Running Shoes? The Right Way To Clean at Home

How to clean running shoes? You rely on your running shoes because they are great to get through tough terrains. Whether you’ve just run a muddy race or your shoes need a refresh, the best method will always be cleaning them to make them look great like the first time you saw them at the store.

Keep in mind that this kind of shoes is practically made to withstand the toughness of the road and the materials that make them up ensure they don’t take damage easily. If you’re unclear about how to clean them, look out for blogs like these or check out on websites like Reddit.

These shoes are composed differently from others. They are built with synthetic fibers and foams, which combined with special gluing techniques, extend their life of use and guarantee they provide the best experience on the run.

Although they seem durable, which they really are, users should think of them as if they were a delicate piece of clothing like a cashmere sweater which cannot be thrown in the washing machine. The advantage of cleaning this footwear is that no dry cleaner is required and the cleanup can be done at home, effectively and without using a household appliance.

How to Clean Running Shoes at Home

How to Clean Running Shoes?

Here are the steps for cleaning running shoes step-by-step.

Let’s start with the tools you’ll need to wash them:

  • Mild detergent or clothing-safe soap to stave off harm on the surface of the shoes.
  • A soft scrub –as you can see, materials must be soft and mild.
  • A sponge – to dampen with water and soap like you’ll see below.
  • Paper towels – not as necessary as the above materials but help with the integrity of the running shoes.
  • A bucket of harm water – the temperature of the water is not necessary. Cold water can also work. The amount of water to use depends on how dirty the shoes are. If they are not so muddy, you won’t need a bucket of water filled up to the top. Half a bucket could suffice.

Below are the steps for cleaning them:

  • Remove some things from the running shoes. Start off with the insoles and shoelaces. These parts can be cleaned separately. They also get dirty.
  • Take a bucket and fill with the amount of water you think it’s required. Pour some mild detergent in it until it makes bubbles.
  • Use a dry paper towel to remove what is dirty. You would think that the scrub comes first but it doesn’t. It is better and safer to clean the running shoes with dry paper.
  • Clean the outsoles with soft scrub. The word ‘Soft’ is all over the text here.
  • The uppers of the shoes are the parts that wrap your foot. The cleaning process will vary depending on their material but in essence, hand-wash them and never submerge them in water. Use a soapy sponge to get rid of the mud.
  • Do likewise with the insoles. Dampen the scrub with soap and clean off the dirty. Don’t soak the insoles in water either.
  • Wash the shoelaces using soap under running water. Be careful when doing this.
  • Once you’re done with all the above process, let the shoes dry. Stuff them with paper towels to absorb water and moisture.
  • Once they got dried, use baking soda to finish the absorption process.

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