Best Running Shoes For Men 2021 – Reviews & Expert’s Buying Tips

Why best running shoes for men 2021? well, let me ask you this are you a regular runner? or like to take a stroll in the park or want to go for one of those evenings brisk walks to keep you fit.

After all the hustle of the day and to burn the extra calories of a cheat meal you just had in the lunch (we all do that in our offices during lunch break).

Speaking of walks and runs, it is needless to say that you patently need good shoes. A pair of good running shoes will take up the shock of 2.5% of your body weight every time you hit the track.

best running shoes for men 2021

Well unless you want to end up with your calf aching or your knee churning after one of your favorite activities turning it into a nightmare.

After all, that’s what a calf or shin pain surely is. To save you from all that and provide you with the best running shoes for men 2021.

We have enlisted several top trainers for you based on their ratings and reviews.

However, mentioning their pros and cons based on your daily life usage.

If you are a daily user, you surely want to get the best running shoes 2021 for men before you hit the track or the park or even at the gym.


 Our Top Picks 

Brooks Men's Glycerin

Best running shoes for men 2021

  • Smoother transitions
  • Long run compatible
  • No more blisters


Nike Mens Air Vapormax 3.0

best running shoes for men 2021

  • Air bubble technology
  • Waterproof sole
  • Extra breathable upper


ASICS Men's Gel-Nimbus 21

best running shoes for men 2021

  • Durability
  • Fashionable
  • Shock absorbent


List of Top 6 Best Running Shoes For Men 2021

Here is the list of best running shoes for men 2021 you should look up to before adding one to your wardrobe. We know that you don’t have the time to go to each store and try every shoe out personally.

Therefore to relieve you, I would say leave that to us. We have tried each and every one of them and will be honest to you to give you the real feel of what it feels like “to be in their shoes.”

1.Nike Men’s Air Vapormax 3.0 (Flyknit Running Shoes)

best running shoes for men 2021

The days when they said either you can buy lush shoes or running shoes are long gone. Nike men’s air Vapormax 3.0 is the best example of running shoes for men in 2021, which you can also provide you with a fancy look. Well, that’s not the only amazing feature about them.

There are many more. They have managed to come up with such a beautiful design without compromising a single aspect of running. Lightweight, speedy, good sole, durable, and yet fashionable well, that’s straight out of the blue.

 Air bubble technology 

This has been seen after a long time that air bubble technology is being used in the used. It surely is nostalgic, but the best thing about air bubbles I still remember is that you can stand all day long without feeling a pinch of pain in your feet or knees.


The mesh on the top and the transparent sole at the bottom gives it a unique look. It won’t be wrong to say that these will perfectly suit your jeans. Even if you are not in the mood of a run and just taking a stroll.

 Prolonged working 

For those who work all day long and most of the time are walking it standing or visiting sites. Comfort has always been a sore point. It can justify if I say that these shoes are best suited to such people.

 Increased breath-ability 

Two-tone fly knit technology has been used in these shoes to make them extra breathable, giving you a more refreshing run and comfort to your feet.

Plus Points
  • Classy
  • Air bubble technology
  • Waterproof sole
  • Extra breathable upper
  • Contoured cushioning
Negative Points
  • Not for long runs
  • Less durable


2.Brooks Men’s Glycerin 18 (SUPER-SOFT CUSHIONING)

Best running shoes for men 2021

Well, if your running is all about cushioning. Because one of the pinching issues is that most of the time, after a long run taking your shoes off. You don’t see a pleasing sight because of the blisters popping out on your feet.

So if the cushioning has been a sore point and the blisters have been bugging you after every run. These are the running shoes for men you were looking for.

 Extra added comfort 

If you are being provided with extra cushioning, you think of comfort as your priority; well, these shoes are designed specially to provide you with limitless comfort while you are on track.

 Smooth at transitions 

To make each of your steps comfortable enough, they are equipped with the plush fit. Hence providing you with one of the smoothest transitions from heel to toe while running. This is the major factor in restraining the blisters from popping up on every run.

 A style that stands out 

When you spend an amount from your pocket on a product worthy enough. You want to stand out amongst others. These shoes have a good look making them stand out in the CrossFit training in the gym and blending with your every workout outfit.

 Fits your feet 

The problem with most of the heavy-duty cushioning shoes is very wide or too narrow toe box. These shoes however in this regard, are designed to be a merger of both neither too fit nor too wide. Hence providing you with a good space for your toes and keeping them cushioned as well.

Plus Points
  • Too much cushion
  • Combination of Synthetic and mesh
  • Smoother transitions
  • Long run compatible
  • No more blisters
Negative Points
  • Not fit for the high arch foot type
  • Less stable


3.HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Clifton 6 Running Shoe (full-length EVA midsole)

Best running shoes for men 2021

Talking of running shoes, what if you need one in which you can get a balance between response and plush. You want to be comfortable yet want it to be responsive when you want to sprint or want more of a toe contact? Well, these shoes have a perfect balance.

However, being full contact with ground shoes. They are known for their comfort and can be used as sneakers under the jeans for a nice stroll.

 Embroidered design 

To make a comfortable run, you need your shoes to stick to your feet like anything without making you feel that something is tied up around your feet. The embroidered design gives you a good lockdown without adding extra weight to the shoes.

 Rubber sole 

Rubber soles are famous for their unmatched wear and tear resistance. You can pound them on hard concrete, and they will stand their grounds.

Moreover, they are easily bendable, and what’s the fun in rubber sole if we don’t mention the waterproofing. So if you are a big and heavy runner, this is the best running shoes for you in 2021. Most people with tall heights and heavy builds will love to wear this.


Due to the embroidered reinforcements, layers are reduced, resulting in weight reduction. Making you feel like you are running on a cloud and providing you with mid-foot lockdown. The lighter the shoe, the better the running experience is because no runner would want an extra added drag to his feet while he’s already in a struggling situation.

Plus Points
  • Lightweight
  • Reinforced with embroidery
  • Waterproof sole
  • Durability
  • Smooth ride
Negative Points
  • Full sole contact with the ground
  • More pressure on ankles as compared to legs and knees


4.Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 20 (Synthetic-and-mesh)

best running shoes for men 2021

Adrenaline GTS 20 by Brooks is one of the best running shoes for men in 2021. Especially if you are running on a treadmill or hitting the roads and specifically for the long runs because of their extra cushioning effects and comfort all way long.

Keeping in mind the balance of comfort and durability and not compromising running stability is hard to achieve. Yet, they have managed to put on a healthy balance between all three.


 More cushioning 

This pair of shoes has the luxury of an extra cushioning effect. They are surrounding your feet with cushioning material all around hence providing you with a less tiring run.


 Lesser chances of injury 

Many techniques are put in this design to save you from any injury, and one specific injury that bothers us all is kept in mind yes, the “knee injury.”


 Running on the roads 

You never want a sole that betrays you on hard surfaces for the runners who prefer to run on the roads and enjoy. The sole of the shoe is of a rigid material hence proving promising on the roads.


 Taking the shock 

To absorb the force every time you hit the track and make you feel like you are not even pressing on a hard surface. The DNA loft crash pads have been used to adapt to your every step.

Tip: Using these kinds of shoes, one must keep in mind that the aim is to run long, not fast, because if you want to run fast, you need to compromise your cushion.
Plus Points
  • Extra cushioning
  • Rigid sole
  • Protection from injuries
  • Knee friendly
  • Stable
Negative Points
  • Less comfortable on the toe
  • Wear off quicker as compared to others


5.ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 21 (4E Running Shoes)

best running shoes for men 2021

Speaking of the categories of runners, well the most common phenomenon amongst us is pronation. The issue here is that none of us can deal with it because it’s a natural thing in normal arched runners.

Well, the Asics men gel nimbus 21  running shoes are designed specially to address this issue. Their body is designed to absorb the shock as the weight shifts initially to the heel’s outer side and then inwards, providing you with a comfortable run. Another salient feature in this shoe is its wide toe space.

 Normal arched runners 

The best thing about these running shoes is that it has been designed for normal arched runners. As most of the companies either design for high arched or flat feet. However not specifically focusing on normal arched runners, which has been addressed by this product.

 Rubber sole 

Talking about the factor of durability, the first thing that will come in your mind is rubber sole, and this product features one. So say goodbye to the wear offs due to road runs.

 Energy return technology 

Well, as you step on the road, your energy is not being neutralized by absorbers and wasted. They have used flyte foam to give you a bounce back and energizing your feet back up as you run, making it a lot easier and enjoyable.

 Fabric outer 

Fabric outer gives it two added benefits: the delicate and fabulous look and the other makes the shoes breathable. Hence providing you with a refreshing run.

Plus Points
  • Durability
  • Fashionable
  • Shock absorbent
  • Energy return technology
  • Wide size
Negative Points
  • Less stability/support combination
  • Bit heavy on the run


6.Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus (36 Running Shoes)

Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

Well, the personal favourite of off-road runners with an extra added benefit of beauty, the Nike men’s air zoom pegasus 36, are a blessing. The best thing about these shoes is their comfort level. While the gum rubber sole maintains your traction on any surface you want to run on.

Many gorgeous and eye-catching running shoes come in the market these days. But very few of them emphasize traction in their soles. Because either they are designed to run on proper tracks only or are based on running less walk more. Well, these will give you a combination of both styles and off-roading.

 Sticking to surface 

The best feature about these shoes, as mentioned earlier, is their grip on any surface you are working on. May it be the wooden floor of your gym, a proper track, or even the off-road run. The traction of these shoes is never going to disappoint you.

 Energetic runs 

This is the kind of shoe which will make your run energetic. All those who run regularly know that nothing can beat the energy a good shoe will give you to run. This shoe’s main reasons will give you the energy: the tenacious grip and second, the feather lightweight.

 Comfortable as you run 

These shoes are going to become more and more comfortable once you give them two to three runs because that’s the beauty of their sole and secondly, the cushion used in them, the ST foam is going to adjust to your feet by your fifth run at max hence making it effortless to run.

 Higher speed runs 

An added benefit in these shoes on higher speed runs is the exposed Flywire cables in the midfoot, making the shoe grip your feet and not lag behind as you pick up the pace.

Tip: If you are ordering the pegasus, make sure you order one size bigger than your actual size.
Plus Points
  • Best traction
  • Promising on off-road
  • Good on the hill
  • Comfort
  • Faster runs
Negative Points
  • Slim at design
  • Usually a little smaller than regular size


Best Running Shoes For Men 2021 Buying Guide

As we all know, the market is swarming with different variants, styles, and specs of running shoes. Which is quite beneficial on one end but makes it arduous for the buyer to choose from such a wide range other.

That is why we have designed a buyers guide to provide you with the knowledge of the best running shoes for men 2021. So do give it a read before buying, and it will prove to be fruitful.

 Foot type 

What most of us don’t know is what is our foot type; for those wondering. Yes, there are three different foot types. A natural arch, low arch, and high arch. S,o first determine which foot bracket you fall in and then look at what you should be buying. You should have some knowledge about foot type to select the best running shoes.

 Match your taste 

One’s shoes give the first impression of his taste, so be mindful of the style and design of your shoes. It should match your stature and your profile and should not look odd. So whenever someone looks at them, it gives you at least a silent compliment.

 Naturally good runners 

If you are a good runner, you probably have a natural arch, so you don’t need any special or extra cushioning on your shoes. You need the shoes with a good sole and a natural arch from toe to heel, which keeps your forefoot flexible and rear one stable.

 Flat foot or heavy runner 

Now, suppose you are flat-footed, or you have got on some extra weight. In that case, you should be looking for a shoe having some rigid material. Like fiberglass, plastic, or hard foam on the bottom to provide you with an extra stable run and take on the pressure while you run. So they don’t wear off and prevent your feet from any damage.


This is the most common phenomenon of natural runners that they tend to overpronate. You need lightweight and flexible shoes that adjust with your curve with minimal rigidity. So that you can have a good run without any pain bothering you.

 Return and exchange policy 

Before you buy the best running shoes for men 2021, do give a read to its return and exchange policy if it doesn’t feel comfortable or doesn’t match your requirements.


Usually, the companies offering warranties believe in their products, so they are most unlikely to disappoint you and provide you with good quality.


In today’s world, shoes come with all the specs you can think of. But one thing you should keep in mind that a helping spec for someone can prove to be a damaging one for you. So be careful about all the specs you require and what you don’t and then go for the best possible option.


Which type of running shoes are best for men in 2021?

The best type of running shoes for men 2021 are the ones which give you a perfect balance in cushioning and stability while maintaining your grip on any surface is an added benefit.

How to select the best running shoes for men?

To select the best running shoes for men the first thing you should keep in mind is your foot type and secondly the nature of your runs.

What are the best running shoes for the track?

The best running shoes for the track is soft soles. As they will provide you with a very good cushioning and won’t wear off too quickly as it’s a proper track.

Which running shoes are best for sprint?

The best running shoes for the sprint are the ones with more traction. The more traction you get the faster you run

Which sole is going to last long?

Rubber soles are known for their durability especially in long runs and off-road runs.

Note To Buyers

As a buyer, don’t just look at the shoe and reviews and directly buy it. Well, as a matter of fact, everyone has a different type of foot. So first, determine your type then select from the ones that suit you.

Be very sure of what is the use of your shoes, whether you want them for gym only or track runs or off-road runs.

Always be proactively aware of the return and exchange policies of the store you are buying from

At least once, consult the size chart no matter how sure you are. Match your size with the one in cms to make sure you get the right size every time you order.

For a balance in cushioning and stability while buying your shoes. If you don’t want to be uneasy in your runs.

Always glance at the sole of the shoe. It will give you a fair idea of how much of your shock can it really take and how long the sole will survive.

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